Mar 25, 2022

How Adding an Online Store Can Help with Donor Acquisition

The common thread among all nonprofits is a desire to make a difference. To be impactful, a nonprofit must connect with a community of supporters and raise funds to go towards the mission. Has your organization considered setting up shop online? Eccomerce can be an additional revenue stream to meet fundraising goals, build awareness, create community, and establish a foundation for future donors. 

Here's how adding an online store can help with donor acquisition:


Build Brand Awareness

A digital presence allows your nonprofit to spread the word about your cause to a broader audience. Your website is an essential tool in telling your story; therefore, inviting supporters through an online store opens the opportunity to share your mission.

Organization merchandise creates brand awareness. Your logo, slogan, or message becomes a wearable item that can spark conversation and reach a new audience you may never have connected with firsthand. Then there is the old marketing rule of 7; a potential donor will need to see or interact with your brand 7 times before taking action. Your nonprofit organization's merchandise can be a cost-effective form of marketing (check, 1 out of 7 times).


Treat Yo’ Self

Merchandise, event sales, digital products, and educational resources are tangible goods that encourage a supporter to take action. Your current and future donors are also consumers in the for-profit space accustomed to shopping online, adding to cart, and getting something in return. We all love the instant gratification and dopamine hit, courtesy of online shopping. Your shippable items give that bonus excitement a few days later when they arrive in the mail ready to be unboxed. Another opportunity for your nonprofit to engage the supporter and prompt them to take action to support your mission. The global ecommerce market is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022, which goes to show that an online store could be a profitable option for additional fundraising efforts. 


You Are What You Wear

Clothing reflects our personal style, character, mood, and individuality. We often choose our outfits based on emotion and wear brands when we connect with the story, history, and values. An online store gives your supporters a place to buy merchandise that highlights the cause they support. Proudly being part of a community that is positively impacting our world and rocking that #ootd with heads held high.


Purpose, Not Only Profit

A nonprofit organization's online store can give back in more ways than one. Create and sell unique items representing your mission and the beneficiary of your impact. With an online store, the profits from your sales will go towards your mission, but what about if the cost of those goods also went towards a positive impact? Is there a way to involve the skills, artisanal talent, or time of your community to create paid jobs, experience, and purpose in addition to the sales profits? Get creative and imagine your social commerce impact.


Come for the merch; stay for the impact. Create an online store as part of your donor acquisition strategy to diversify your fundraising revenue and connect with supporters. With a single checkout for both eccomerce and donations, Givecloud is the perfect tool in your toolbelt.

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