Jan 4, 2021

Trustraising Minute : The Little Things

It's been how long since you talked to your supporters? Ever heard the saying “a little can go a long way”? This is especially true with supporter relationships! Hear what Josh Bloomfield has to say in today’s Trustraising Minute. 

Let’s get at it!

Relationships Are Built One Moment At A Time

We often forget that ongoing trust between people is built in very frequent, little moments.

In your personal relationships, it might be that one small question, “How was your day today?”  A spontaneous, inexpensive, but really thoughtful gift. Remembering a thoughtful detail. Or, my personal favorite, just checking in on someone spontaneously with a text or video message.

Whether it’s as big as a gift or just replying to that text message a bit sooner, it's these little things—these little moments—that foster our relationships and build lasting trust.

A Dare To Go All In

When's the last time you did something small for your supporters? Remember, they are people! They'd love a check-in, even if you don't have much to say.

Here's my challenge for you: can you whip up a thoughtful message for your supporters this week? From your inbox, not the “[email protected]” email. Something quick and easy like this: 

"Hey, Josh! I was thinking about you and how 2020 has been tough and how thankful I am that you're invested in us!

I dare you to be honest, thoughtful, spontaneous, and intentional.

I dare you to be yourself! 

Don’t overthink it. It’s these small moments that remind your supporters that you’ve doubled down on their hearts—not their wallets.

You Got This

I hope you’re energized and encouraged. Be yourself and go change the world!

Let’s keep the convo going online and on social. If you know someone who this video might encourage, it’d mean a lot to me if you shared it!