Dec 7, 2020

Trustraising Minute: Thoughtfulness

See why Josh Bloomfield uses Siri to remind him of his mom’s birthday—and what this has to do with fundraising—in today’s Trustraising Minute! 

Good Intentions Only Go So Far

I am simply brutal at remembering birthdays. Even with my own kids! My brain will spin its hard drive for a frightening number of seconds, making those around me wonder if I remember if I even have kids. 

There's no denying it; I've got a terrible memory. At times, this can make me seem very unthoughtful, and, as we've discussed in previous episodes, thoughtfulness often fuels those frequent little moments that foster trust. It’s really challenging because I think of myself as a caring and thoughtful person, but my intent means nothing if it isn't married to action. 

Thoughtfulness happens when intent meets action. 

Thankfully, technology is a massive help for me. I can use Siri, my calendar, or even just a digital note to remember special details (my intent) and technology can remind me of those details so I can marry my intent with action. 

Moments Of Thoughtfulness Are Key To Building Deeper Supporter Relationships

When's the last time you used technology as a tool to help you be more thoughtful and personal with your supporters? 

Here's my challenge for you: can you find a way to be more thoughtful in your next supporter communication? 

Use technology to help you! For example, segment your next email by geography and reference the weather, a landmark, a recent sporting win, or another local event. Don't overthink it! 

Remember: even the smallest degree of thoughtfulness or personalization sends a signal to your supporters that you’ve doubled down on their hearts—not their wallets.

You Got This

I hope you’re energized and encouraged. Be yourself and go change the world!

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