Nov 9, 2020

Trustraising Minute : What Use Are People?


If technology can be leveraged to automate and streamline our organizations, what use are people anyway? In today’s Trustraising Minute, Josh Bloomfield will be talking about people. What a critical topic! 

Let’s go!

You Can’t Automate Everything

As a software engineer turned CEO, one of the biggest mistakes I made leading my company was believing that “everything can be automated.”  I refused to staff our sales and support teams. Wow, I was dead wrong. 

Our business was spinning its tires because I foolishly believed that if I just designed this home page well enough… or automated that chatbot… or wrote better help articles… customers would sell themselves and onboard themselves. While all those things are necessary, the truth is those things don’t produce the most important ingredient to a successful customer relationship.


Trust Happens Authentically, Not Automatically

All great customer relationships are founded on trust. In business, there are two KEY trust hinges in the customer relationship: sales and onboarding (the very two things I was trying to automate!). 

Our business hasn’t been the same since we staffed for those roles. Likewise, trust is critical for you as a nonprofit. Fundraising can’t start without trust. Engagement can’t start without trust.

Just like you would never try to automate your missional impact (planting trees, feeding kids, running programs, etc), you also cannot automate trust.

Trust is relational.

It happens between people.

It requires people.

So, What Are People Good For?

Inside your nonprofit, you already know people are great at missional impact. But what you may have forgotten is that people—and ONLY people (not technology)—are incredible at nurturing relationships and building trust.

That’s the genius zone of people!

I want to challenge you: is there a way your team can shift from a focus on fundraising to a focus on Trustraising?

What I mean is, can your team use technology to be more productive and repurpose that time towards better supporter relationships, richer organizational culture, bigger ideas, a more engaged collective of supporters, etc.?

Doesn't that just sound...right? This is Trustraising.

Spend More Time On Trust

Listen, your people are your biggest asset. Do you want your people working on spreadsheets or spreading the love? Your goal is to maximize their time, heart, and energy for true impact.  

That’s my challenge for you!

If you don’t have people on your team yet, find the one right person to join you. Then the next.  You might feel like you’re better and faster on your own, but take it from a former isolated software developer, while adding people might feel like a change of pace, you are gravely underestimating just how far and wide a team can take your vision.

You Got This

I hope you’re energized and encouraged. Be yourself and go change the world!

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