Dec 21, 2020

Trustraising Minute: Will Technology Replace People?

Are you afraid of leveraging more technology in your nonprofit because you don’t want it to replace the amazing people in your organization? We get it! See what Josh Bloomfield has to say about this in today’s Trustraising Minute. 

Let’s go!

There’s No Replacement For People 

This episode is inspired by an encounter I had a couple of years ago. A prospective nonprofit refused to leverage technology because, in their words, “they didn’t want it replacing their people.” They delivered the comment with so much conviction that I didn’t know how to respond.


Today, I’m going to just jump right to the punch: technology should never replace people

Technology Is Just A Tool

Think about your mechanic. Who fixes your car? The mechanic or the wrench the mechanic uses? You’d never brag about the wrench that fixes your car! It’s your mechanic. The wrench is just the mechanic’s tool

Wrenches aren’t taking mechanics jobs. Furthermore, I bet you’d want your mechanic to have the best wrench so they could do their best work (and so they don’t ruin your car), right?

So how does this apply to technology?

What if your fear that technology (your wrench) will replace people is the wrong concern?

What if the right concern is, “Do my people have the tools (or the wrench) they need to do their life’s best work?” Now that’s a question!

Technology Should Never Replace People 

It’s an important shift in perspective towards not just stewarding resources, but empowering people to do their life’s best work and realizing the exponential impact. Just like your mechanic needs the best tool for the job, let technology be the best tool for your people!

You Got This

I hope you’re energized and encouraged. Be yourself and go change the world!

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